Corbyn Jeremiad

I’m hugely confused. Only lunchtime, Corbyn was bragging about how both the Labour party membership and the electorate were as opposed to bombing Daesh as he is. All the polls said so, apparently. And since the duty of MPs is to act on the wishes of the electorate, and party leaders to ensure they do, then it was Corbyn’s clear duty to call for a Whip and ensure that Cameron’s bill was defeated, or at least opposed with extreme prejudice. If he was that worried about the ickle kiddies, then obscure niceties of ‘parliamentary liberty’ should take second place – and everyone would understand.
A matter of minutes later he allowed all his enemies in the PLP a free vote, giving Cameron’s bill a green light, and betraying both the membership and the public. Is this part of a cunning tactical masterplan? Or is he just a bungling spineless fraud?
Either he merely surrendered (like a good pacifist) to the PLP, in which case he’s no Leader. Or he wasn’t as sure about his support as he let on, in which case he’s just another dodgy politician.
Party leaders exist to ensure that MP’s represent the electorate. If Corbyn was sure it supported him, he should have enabled its wishes in parliament. If he wasn’t, he’s been doing a lot of lying and is in deep trouble with his disciples – if they’re bright enough to know when they’ve been betrayed – and with the electorate. Not bad going for a politician barely in the job a month.
Along with other anaesthetics, Corbynistas keep chanting ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. But it was fired in one, the same’s true of Corbyn.


Corbyn: Out With The ‘New’ – In With The True Labour

If he was as concerned about human life as he claims, and actually believes his own propaganda, Jeremy Corbyn would whip the PLP without hesitation over allowing Daesh off the hook. And if that caused a historic split in the party, so much the better for him. A complete purge of the Blairite baggage would allow the long-overdue formation of a truly radical party eager to forge a massive continental alliance able to confront the horrors of Consumerism with appropriate firepower. Which is what I foolishly imagined would be the first thing on Corbyn’s to-do list. Instead, I hear he has not even met the leader of the SNP.
But he doesn’t seem to have the imagination or vision. He is apparently happy to carry on fighting the sterile battles of the past, to Jeremy-mander any action against blatant genocide, and for the root cause of the terrorist disease to live while refusing even to treat the symptoms. He is more concerned with protecting ISIS than fighting TTIP
He’s shaping up to be a Paper Tiger. But since all pacifists are reactionaries, that is only natural.

Pacifism = ‘Might Is Right’

Sorry to have to do the media’s homework for it, but Corbyn’s voting record shows that he did not even approve the UN liberation of Kuwait. So like all fundamentalist pacifists he is quite happy with the doctrine that Might is Right, and that the most powerful force should be allowed to overcome any neighbours it requires for its purposes. And that we should just ‘mind our own business’. He is quite happy to give a green light to superpower domination of the world. Only in this case, one of the superpowers would be Daesh.

Corbyn seems to think that he is ‘learning from the past’, when in fact he is repeating the classic common error of mistaking the current war for the last one. He seems to believe that Daesh are a sovereign state like Iraq (but not Kuwait) which the dastardly West seeks to overthrow for its own nefarious purposes. It is nothing of the kind. And while it has to be defeated economically and spiritually, it also has to be defeated militarily. It is not its religion or ‘ideology’ which gave it the auru of invincibility so irresistible to the alienated of all ages and religions, but its easy military conquests. When they end, potential Daeshniks from the alienated and hopeless classes will doubt their messiah. And so in fact, airstrikes would ultimately help to make Paris and London safer. Despite the fact that in the next day or so, Daesh will almost certainly announce that should Britain join the air-campaign against them, they will retaliate against London, or a British target.
When the Daesh fantasy of its own banana republic is in the dust, its disease will still be at large, and it will adapt to do its worst. But it will do that anyway. Allowing millions to be imprisoned in a vast insane concentration camp is not the answer to europe’s security problems.
Europe will be even safer when trillions are spent on the devastated countries, as should have happened in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya (and the Soviet Bloc). Which would be the economic part of the solution. And even safer when the ultimate root-cause of ultra-alienation and fanaticism is eradicated, and the spiritual solution implemented. But nobody much, especially Corbyn, is prepared yet to even think about eradicating Consumerism. If he was, he might get a real following, not just the desperate and obedient.

Pacifists in Defence of Chemical Warfare

There is an ‘Anti-War‘ group on Facebook currently stoutly defending the ‘defensive’ use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime while vehemently opposing the defensive use of Kalashnikovs by the Syrian people.
I suppose that disqualifies them as Pacifists, at any rate. But who’s to know? Pacifism couldn’t care less about the value of human life. That is the point, to be prepared to sacrifice as many lives as necessary to maintain the principle of non-violence.  ‘Satyagra’, as it came to be known,as Orwell points out does not mean ‘sanctity of life’, when translated from the Sanskrit it means something very similar to ‘Firmness of Purpose’, or the ‘Triumph of the Will’, as oriental mysticism was repackaged in the C20th.

Israel: Open The Golan Now

Israel again displays its Mammoth bone-headedness, and inability to act in its own interest.

“They (refugees) have not chosen to come close to us, but in the event of the regime’s downfall, which could happen…, (Israeli forces) here are alert and ready, and if we have to stop waves of refugees, we will stop them,” Barak said while gazing across the frontier, fighting visible in the distance.

Its main concern is for a ‘flood’ of refugees into the Golan in flight from an ethnic and tribal bloodbath. It says it is charitably disposed to admit a reasonable number. But no more. It cannot see that if it was to open the Golan now, it would ease the transition of power, and there might not be any ‘flood’ at all.
If  Isreal really does want improved relations with its new Syrian neighbour, the game starts now. It cannot sit back and watch while its old, implacable enemy in Damascus slaughters thousands demanding the kind of democracy Israel claims to represent. This is a great opportunity for Israel to put its words into action and allow the Red Crescent and UNESCO to set up camps in the Golan.
The Assad regime would be tactically disorientated, the battlefield cleared of many civilians, and Lebanon and Turkey eased of the huge problems caused by the influx. Some Turkish crossing posts have briefly been closed already.
When will Israel do something to live up to its rhetoric? On the eve of Ramadan, it offers its ‘best wishes to its Muslim friends’.  Then do something. Be seen to display some human decency.
It must also know that sooner or later it will have to abandon its occupation of the Golan, as demanded repeatedly by the UN.  So what exactly is stopping it?
Ramadan would be as good a time as any to implement this entirely peaceful and victimless assault on the Assad regime. Better late than never. As the British establishment finally realised when it reversed its attitude to the ANC, and stopped calling for the execution of the terrorist Nelson Mandela. It always pays to back the winner. This is a lesson Britain learned as an empire. Russia will never learn, it seems.