Grenfell Tower. Time for Change

Grenfell Tower is not a new disaster. The dangers of synthetic cladding were highlighted by the Summerland fire of 1973. Which killed over 50 people and injured 80.

And the more information emerges about the disaster, the more it sounds like Aberfan. Only it might even be worse, if possible.
Aberfan was 50 years ago. The authorities were repeatedly warned about that too. And when the inevitable happened, it was as fast and merciless.
The hope is that the Grenfell victims get better after-care than those of 1966.

Those made homeless want cast-iron guarantees now that they will not be dumped in bedsits in Hull or Clacton on a ‘temporary’ basis.
This must not be another excuse for Kensington & Chelsea’s policy of social cleansing, which must end now. The community must not be destroyed further. In fact, North Westminster now needs a completely new organisation to represent its interests, one which should be replicated nationally.
If there aren’t enough spare units on the borough housing list, the Hilton and Dorchester are just down the road.
If there is not enough ‘community spirit’ in the fancy end of Kensington, Grenfell Tower may not be the only fire in the borough this summer. And most British people will completely sympathise, if not approve.

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