Trump Idiocracy Notes

Consumerism has degenerated into its inevitable Idiocracy phase.
It can no longer deny its own impossibility, and so has to invert reality and destroy reason.
Ergo Trump.
Fortunately, this phase is even less sustainable than its parent.
Anyone who believes that Trump is an alternative to the ‘establishment’ is as deluded as he is. His brand of total alienation is Hyper-Establishment dogma. This is a triumph over all attempts to moderate Capitalist vandalism – and over free thought.
Trendy Pussyfoot Clinton-Bashing Corbynites gloating over this horror should also be prepared to count the human cost of their opportunism – not that they will see or seize the opportunity when it comes.
Looking at the crippled US political machine, it’s hard not to conclude that the entire pre-industrial Constitution was obsolete when it was written.
It is a primitive model, based on an understandable knee-jerk reaction to feudalism, but with no understanding of the demands of a modern industrial state.
Yesterday proved that American civilisation is now no more advanced than it was 150 years ago. Just like China and Russia, in fact.
The only practical response by sincere scientists to Trump’s Scorched Earth policy is a global strike. His Nero Decree is unworkable without the scientists in the corporations which implement it.
Impossible if you keep peddling the myth that freedom comes without a material cost.
That a socialist society will still have Coke and Mortgages, not merely Bread and Roses.
The fact is that Trump and the Brexiteers are closet anarchists.
And since anarchism is the most efficient form of totalitarianism it is not cool, and not clever. It is merely a descent into tribalism and conflict.
‘Entropy: The tendency of a system that is left to itself to descend into chaos.’
Come back Society – All Is Forgiven.

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