Grenfell Tower. The Eloquence of Experience.

Amid the emerging horror, it was fascinating that all the eye-witnesses of the Grenfell Tower disaster used direct, plain, unaffected language, with none of the, like, I was like… and then I was like… gibberish which infects much modern narrative speech.
These people were not ‘like’ anything, they WERE. Their experiences were not a simile, they were real. Except when the simile was real “it was literally so rapid, like when hair catches fire”
Which suggests that when people can see a concrete image in their minds of something that matters, they can be as eloquent and powerful as Churchill or Orwell.
Which is why when people lapse into language which is as bland and meaningless as possible they are lying; especially politicians, technocrats and billionaires –


Meanwhile, if Teresa May cannot fence herself off from the emerging scandal, she is truly dead, and the election will be even sooner. But even if she can, the tories are will still be blamed, and suffer just as much at the polls.

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