Brexit Idiocracy Notes

Hammond’s U-Turn and Manifesto Betrayal
The last Manifesto is now about as relevant as those presented to the electorate of Pompeii.
As the Chancellor admits, we now have to bunker down and prepare for the worst.
Which leads to the conclusion that the Brexiteers had absolutely no plan, and the strong implication that they are ideologically incapable of planning.
Just a bunch of Chancers and Cowboys, in other words.

‘The People Have Spoken.

Is the security blanket that preserves the Brexiteer’s threadbare identity.
But Magic, prayers and slogans do not help to completely re-organise Britain’s trading relationships on the hoof.
Handy for wrapping round your eyes to play this mad game of Blind Man’s Bluff.
But even more useful for falling down the stairs and breaking your neck.

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