Chaos Britain 1

Paul Mason claims in the Guardian that~:

Even if he hasn’t won, Corbyn has publicly destroyed the logic of neoliberalism..

In a way. But he hasn’t uninvented or discredited the free market itself.

The reason New Labour worked was because it appealed to the newly propertied Right To Buy classes.
Now that the housing orgy is over, huge numbers of people, especially young people, have nothing. And Blairism no longer makes sense to them.
The trouble is that the Property Fetish still infects British culture, and if cheap housing ever arrives on the market again, the same shackles will drag people back to the old conservatism.
So if Nu-Age Labour is to fulfil its promises, it must first commit to providing homes for rent, not sale, and encourage the regeneration of real communities, not just cheap dormitories for worker bees.

The Tory party is now on the brink of disintegration over ‘Brexit’. But Labour has no room for complacency. If some get their way, there will be a de-selection war which will tear Labour apart, again. With disloyal and heretical MP’s ousted by local party memberships.
The sound of knives being sharpened is not very good for public relations. Corbyn seems to realise this and is calling for unity.
This would almost certainly put him in conflict with his more bloodthirsty fans.
In which case they would have to be sanctioned in some way.
Shades of Robespierre?

Why did May ever mention the DUP?
Just make a speech ‘trusting the British Parliament to approve the Queen’s Speech’ and let the unionists do what they always do, and vote with the tories.
The DUP wouldn’t even realise they were in a pact. And May would be off the hook – temporarily.

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