Election Post Mortem 1

Whoever tries to form a government now will outrage half the people.
And whatever kind of Brexit they try to negotiate will only polarise opinion further.
Labour’s best bet might seem to be to let May cause even more chaos and cash in at the inevitable forthcoming election.
But that also might be best bet for the tories. Let Labour form a minority government and trust it fails, which wouldn’t be a long shot.
Either way, May is toast and the Brexit bubble has burst. Negotiations may start or they may not.
Which is worrying given the Klan mentality of extreme Brexiteers, who go on a Hate-Spree when they get their way. When they are confronted with reality they will go ape-shit.

And a vote of thanks to the BBC, and John Humphrys in particular, for eliminating the Chancellor from the campaign in the 1st week.
After being told in extremely non-journalistic terms that his policies had drastically reduced living standards, he was never seen again.
I for one am not complaining about that explicit ‘breach of standards’.
It is Humphrys job to voice the opinions people hold. And it worked exceptionally well in this case.
If the Shadow Chancellor had been subjected to the same presentation of opinion as fact, the Corbynite whingers would be up in arms.

In the Beginning was the Meme.
And the Meme was with Corbyn.
And the Meme was Corbyn.

Corbyn may well have ‘re-written’ the rules of British politics, with his return to the socialist soap box. The trouble is that teeny-prop outlets like The Canary also ‘re-wrote’ the rules by adopting the same perversions of Truth as the gutter tabloids, their main weapon being the so-called ‘Meme’, or cyber-myth.
‘The BBC & The Guardian are Anti-Corbyn’ is what they call a ‘meme’. An unverified assertion which is TRUE! ‘cos it IS!. In other words, baseless gossip, ‘urban myths’ or just plain lies.
Very useful for preventing people from being exposed to alternative opinions and perspectives from the most balanced outlets available.
Great at consolidating orthodoxy and preventing thought.
Extremely toxic.
The fact is that The Guardian’s election coverage would pass the Leveson test. As of course would the BBC.  But The Canary and Occupy would certainly be fined heavily. They exploit the lack of internet regulation as cynically as Murdoch and Dacre exploit the lack of press regulations. And Truth is the victim.

The BBC interviewed some student yesterday who was wetting his pants at how ‘nobody’ reads papers or watches TV anymore, and get all their political information from ‘memes’, and how they were free of all that worrisome context and ambiguity, with no room for interpretation.
John Berger and George Orwell are turning in their graves.

‘Labour can unite the country’
Only if it can change the minds of the hardline Brexiteers.

Stage 1. Catch your rabbit.

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