Election Day Minus 1

Saxon Autos

Whoever wins tomorrow, this will surely be the most divisive British election since 1979, with each side hardening their positions if they lose or win. In a country already torn apart by the EU Referendum. And everyone blaming the BBC, which has been outrageously slandered and denigrated by the unregulated press and social media, with their usual sub-BBC standards of journalism, and their contempt for Truth, which has been seriously damaged by this campaign.
I don’t see many people waving welcome signs, or offers of reconciliation.
I do see a lot of people reacting out of fear, ignorance, disinformation (lies) or sheer perversity.
And when the Brexit bubble bursts, Brexiteers will react predictably. With hate.
They reacted with a wave of hate when they won. So there is no chance of them behaving any better when the dream goes sour and they feel betrayed by everyone in the universe.
Should Labour win with a working majority, the backlash from Brexit voters and the unregulated billionaire media will be unprecedented.
Should the tories win, but Labour retains roughly the same number of seats, Corbyn will stay as Leader and his devoted followers will follow on. And it will be largely the fault of his more fanatical followers, who have followed the example of the Murdoch and Dacre media in lie-mongering and mudslinging, and been a genuine deterrent to those who get their information through social media. As opposed to the measly 8-11%% of audience figures covered by TV news.
The tories are too geriatric a party to change ideas, and Corbyn is just too old to. A slightly more mentally agile Corbyn would have seen the opportunity 18 months ago for an alliance with the SNP in the Commons to make life hell for the government and its austerity programme. He would have realised that the Information Age has made the current party boundaries as obsolete as the steam engine which created them. And remembered that the Labour Party itself was originally a ‘Progressive Alliance’ of different parties.

If he is to nurture the hope he has come to represent, and form the broad progressive alliance needed to gain power, Corbyn has to radically change a decrepit British political culture in four years.

Irregardless of Corbyn’s many failings, the prospect of another 5 years of tory barbarism and bungling is obviously too much for any informed voter to stomach.
The problem with Corbyn’s quaint brand of ‘socialism in one country’ is that it requires significant sacrifices from the People to make it work. And there is no sign of the Dunkirk Spirit, especially from those who glorify it most.
A fair, equal, decent society simply cannot be run on the bear-pit principles of modern Consumerism. Constant conflict and constant consumption only makes us and the planet sick, as the plague of ‘Terrorism’ demonstrates. It is not a permanent theme park with all rides free but a battle to restore genuine communities to society, which nurture common interests and tolerant, open exchange of ideas and conventions.
The kind of communities which existed before the Right to Buy drove a wedge between people and stole their spare time – which used to be the lifeblood of community initiatives.
The kind of communities which existed before mountains of debt shackled people’s minds and robbed young people of any positive sense of Identity other than as a cash-cow for the banks.
And all this will require a distinct fall in average living standards, as measured now.
To use the word in its most illustrious sense, progress will need more ‘Austerity’, not less.
No Labour politician has yet had the courage to break this news.
Maybe next time.
As for now. 52% voted for a complete leap backwards into the dark last July, so why shouldn’t a majority vote for a leap forwards by electing Corbyn?
Weirder things keep happening. Why not another?
The opinion polls are predicting a tory victory. In the past, when the polls have wrongly underestimated tory turnout, the major factor was often identified as so-called ‘Shy Tories’ – ashamed of declaring their intentions.
No poll that I know of is currently ‘factoring-in’ the possibility of a Labour equivalent, which is surely a mistake given the often feverish public face of Labour presented by rogue media outlets like Canary and Occupy. Which is enough to shame some traditional Labour voters into silence, if not deter them completely.

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