Fake Election Day 3

Today’s Labour event was craftily timed, at least.
It was spun out to avoid the question on immigration which would have inevitably followed the commitment by Corbyn not to ‘tear up’ Human Rights conventions, including (presumably) the freedom of movement.

And Corbyn hit the right ‘back to basics’ note the party needed, in his best kindly uncle style.
But he’ll soon wear out this ‘reaching out to everyone’ line in the country if he uses it as an answer to every question, like a string-pull talking puppet.
Barracking the media by the fanclub won’t go down well either.


Brexiteers still talk as if the democracy began with the Referendum, and must end with it. We knew this all along.
Democracy, the Law, journalism. What’s next in their gun-sights?


Corbyn’s policies are certainly the nearest thing Labour has come to socialism for a long time, and have to be generally supported, except for the obvious idiocies:
1. his absurd, reactionary, spineless, hypocritical, blood-soaked excuse for ‘foreign policy’. Which would happily have seen Kuwait as part of Iraq, and watched while Ghadaffi destroyed Benghazi and Libya became North Korea on the Mediterranean.
2. his parochial hostility to essential political alliances in a time of crisis.And
3. His cowardly equivocation over Brexit.
The mentality of many of his disciples is his biggest electoral problem. His naive faith in the antiquated doctrine of ‘socialism in one country’ is his greatest practical problem.
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