Fake Election Day 2

Now, much too late, the calls are going out for a ‘Progressive Alliance’ to win the snap election, or at least limit the damage.
There was a chance for this early last year. Ideally late 2015. But Corbyn blew it playing Mother Teresa to Daesh. With the help of the SNP and Greens in the Commons, Labour could have had the Tories on the rack throughout 2015/16, and with the further help of European progressive parties would have won the fatal referendum. As the biggest progressive party in Europe, it was Labour’s clear duty to lead such a movement, and it failed miserably under Corbyn’s leadership.
All too late

I learned today from Desert Island disks that Corbyn and Sturgeon have not even met.
A ‘good Marxist’ would have identified and secured alliances from useful co-progressives. By now Corbyn should have visited half a dozen european countries to create a critical-mass of ‘political consciousness’ which, as every ‘good Marxist’ knows, is essential to any revolution.

The truth is more that Corbyn chose the wrong battlefields from the start, and decided to make enemies rather than friends. The ‘constructive critique’, which was aired even before the General Election, was an alliance of the progressive forces gathering support across europe to fight the myth of ‘austerity’. Instead of seizing this opportunity to prove the general appeal of his politics, he gave way to pressure from his 6th-form agit-prop society, and defined himself by his parochialism, semi-mystical faith, and lack of vision.

And neither does he display any sense of the need for a wider alliance of progressive parties. On the whole, village-green pacifist Fabianism just about sums him up.
He isn’t too radical, he is not radical enough. Replacing NU-Labour with Nu-Age Labour is not progress.


Naturally the bizarre campaign continues against the BBC by the ‘Corbynites’ who in fact need it most.
The BBC is not to blame for Corbyn’s isolationism and poverty of imagination. He is. But that will not prevent the Pussyfoot Left from launching a campaign of hate and lies against the BBC in solid alliance with Rupert Murdoch and the rest of the unregulated, foreign-owned, tax-avoiding billionaire gutter sheets.

Meanwhile, predictably enough, Brexiteers are squealing about having to endure an election. ‘There’s far too much politics!’ is the latest rallying cry.
They obviously thought June was the last time they would be asked to make up their minds about anything. That all that bothersome voting was now over and the businessmen could be allowed to get on with running their lives for them.
I don’t expect them to play much of a role in future elections. Their reactions now show that the end of democracy was what they wanted all along.

The Daily Mail has branded anyone who asks questions about Brexit as ‘Saboteurs’.
In an age when most words mean their opposite, what else is to be expected?
This election is a Brexit Loyalty Oath, as used by fascists throughout history. As even the most moderate commentators have noticed.
‘I try to avoid glib use of F word. But ‘Crush the saboteurs’ is the language of fascism. The Mail has form.’ Michael White.

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