Britain. The Spoilt Brat of Europe

‘Refugees’ not ‘Migrants’

‘Migrants’ are people who turn up at Heathrow and Gatwick with papers, suitcases and letters from their cousin in Leamington Spa. These are refugees. They are not ‘migrating’ they are desperately seeking refuge from war and chaos. ‘Migrants’ poisons two groups with one abuse of language. Sanitising the deperate plight of one, and criminalising the legal aspirations of the other. The Xenophobe’s dream-word.
‘Migrant’ is tabloid terminology designed to muddy the waters. Which is useful since the tabloid lie of Benefit Britain is clearly a major factor in creating the refugee crisis at Calais in the first place. Their campaign to sell this lie was bought by desperate refugees across the world, directing them here on a fool’s errand – and giving the tabloids another tribe of witches to burn at the stake. Which in return boosts sales of their hate sheets.
A clear case of how the tabloid economy manipulates reality in its own interest.

Send Them Back

Seems to be the prevalent attitude of the British government and people. Send them back to where? To camps in the hellholes they fled? Where they can be concentrated for the convenience of the tyrants they were trying to escape? After all, they’re running away, so they must be criminals, right? Or undesirables or troublemakers of some kind. Why else would someone be chasing them out of the country? And by chasing them back, we’d merely be upholding the laws of places like Eritraea and Syria, right? Upholding the law is a moral position, obviously. So it is obviously more ‘moral’ to ship refugees off to death camps than give them sanctuary and tempt more people to break the law by seeking refuge from war. This is essentially David Cameron’s line. He is trying to save their souls.
‘Smug’ is the one word which most completely describes the British attitude to the life and death struggle of the refugees. Cowering behind the Nanny English channel, dumping the responsibilities for its wars on the poorest countries in Europe. It’s as if 3 decades of Thatcherism has completely purged the concept of Sharing from British culture. Germany is Europe’s moral leader now.

Just The Start

There is a widespread delusion that this is just another ‘humanitarian emergency’. And that after a bit of media time and UN tinkering it will go away, like the Vietnamese Boat People. A failure to grasp that this time the global country-machine is bust. The validity and integrity of many nations states has been completely destroyed by war, economic devastation, corporate manipulation, cheap airfares, and instant mass global communications. And a multiple mass exodus on this scale is the result, and there is no reason to assume it will stop of its own accord or in the foreseeable future.
The petty bureaucratic term ‘migration’ completely masks the scale, horror, and nature of what’s happening, which is completely un-precedented. The global transcontinental exile of entire populations. A mass exodus of refugees on a scale and range unseen in a thousand years. Not even the devastation of the Japanese invasion of Manchuria displaced as many people as widely.  The movements of the past were limited by the brevity of the disasters driving them. The current military and economic disasters have no foreseeable end – and neither do the climactic ones on their way.

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