Human Missile Crisis

The crisis at Calais and the mass exodus from unihabitable countries is something we should have thought about when we were invading and plundering them 200 years ago, creating the wealth we enjoy, and which they now want a slice of – having paid for it in the past. What’s wrong with that? At least they don’t use machine guns against spears.
Wars and economic disaster drove these people here. We are as responsible for granting them asylum as we are for creating the chaos they are fleeing. However much that may be.
The fact is that any force hostile to Britain has a better chance of destroying it by crippling its trade than by killing its people with bombs. And by driving millions of people away from their homes, they are reversing the Human-shield tactic and using innocent, desperate people as long-range guided missiles, targeting ports and motorways, as well as social-services and the patience of the intolerant. Refugees are a weapon in the terrorists’ arsenal as well as a direct result of our interventions, inactions, and economic exploitation. And refugees are what they are. Not ‘migrants’, as the media insists on defining them. This is yet another abuse of language and dose of poison to thought. (See ‘Radical’.). People seeking refuge from global chaos are not ‘migrants’, they are refugees. The clue is in the word. Referring to them as ‘migrants’ hugely devalues their predicament, sanitising it for public consumption and neutralising as much sympathy as possible. And also tends to demonise actual migrants, making the entire ‘immigration debate’ even more toxic than it already is, and further refines the Newspeak Dictionary.
The solution is to stop the wars and make those countries habitable again. Which does not mean imposing yet another tyrant to treat the people like cattle. That is one reason they leave. One reason they come to Britain is the tabloid myth that our benefits system is free to all, and hands out homes to whoever asks for one, or two. A myth created by the same tabloids that are now demanding they should be treated like animals, as they were treated in the countries they are fleeing. Or logically, the tabloid demand is that Britain’s social services should be devastated in order to make them less atttractive to aliens.
The main lesson is that if you unleash global anarchy with war and corporate exploitation, this is the result. These refugees are the children of Shock and Awe. Britain’s responsibility in that disaster cannot be denied, unlike Germany, who last year processed over 5 times more asylum applications than Britain. So why is Germany now assuming more responsibility for the consequences of our war than we are?
Britain’s refusal to do its’ share in handling this crisis is a disgrace. Again it is the sploit brat of Europe, cowardly and sulky, hiding behind the skirts of the English Channel. Dumping all the reponsibility onto Italy, Greece, and Turkey, presumably. Let them solve the problem. The further away our wars are, the less we have to clean up the mess. One definition of Imperialism.


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