What Has Growth Ever Done For Us?

I love the childlike innocence which clings to the belief that a crisis is temporary, and will one day simply fade away like the winter, to be replaced by sunshine and candy floss. Gordon Brown was right when he said that the era of boom and bust was over, but like everyone else, he fell for the bankers’ lies and banked on permanent boom. The truth is the opposite. Consumerism has finally hit its limit.
Growth is defined by the medium. Small pot, small plant. The economic plant is pot-bound, and Osborne is too reactionary and misanthropic to replace the soil by constructing new infra-structures which will nurture society, not divide it. His measures to ‘encourage first -time buyers’ will only make his billionare pals even richer in 5 years when interest rates have to rise and the mortgages are foreclosed.
The fact that housing prices continue to exceed wage rates is a clear demonstration that the banks are manipulating the property market by choking credit. The less credit available, the more expensive the property. When the miners went on such a strike, martial law was invoked in the name of social order. But when the banks strike, it is called responding to market pressure. In fact they are controlling the market. There is no ‘free market’, and never has been.

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