Samuel Colt’s Revenge

To the National Rifle Association, the solution to massacres like Columbine and Sandy Hook is obvious, arm the children. Then let’s see how many screwball losers pick on soft targets like schools. That’s the gun lobby’s one and only answer. Teachers with AK47’s under the desk. Everyone shooting at everyone else. The Wild West.
But it is also completely, tragically typical of this ridiculous society that Sandy Hook school is only a few miles from Hartford, the birthplace of the Colt 45, the ‘Peacemaker’. The gun which tamed the west, and the industry which won the Civil War, only for the peace to be lost. No doubt the Colt Corporation LLC will be rubbing its hands at the prospect of supplying every school, hospital, cinema, and old folks’ home with its security artifacts. Or alternatively, howling in despair at the rumours of legislation to restore the USA to some kind of sanity.
The Colt Culture founded in Hartford, undoubtedly the heart of the American gun industry, has exacted another payment for putting the USA on the map. The wild-west economics it still yee-haws to demands that there are at least ten ‘Losers’ (technical term) for every winner. But further demands that they be tarred and feathered as such, and essentially ridden out of sanity on a rail.
In the USA human life is cheap, and many of its humans in a state of terminal despair and self-hatred, making massacres of the innocents a regular event. The collateral damage of Tradition. A tradition most of USA business, politics, religion and even the people themselves seem unable to escape. Societies with ‘Losers’ which run on alienation and hatred must pay the price in innocent lives. ‘I’t’s the economy, stupid’.
In spite of delivering a speech which was almost as sensitive and inclusive as the one the Mayor of London gave after the 2005 London Bombings, Barack Obama will have little or no success in altering the gun laws. His people are simply too frightened of each other. And they are frightened of each other because they have guns.
Americans would be crazy not to carry guns, but carrying guns makes them crazy. That’s some book, that ‘Catch 22’. The American 1984 and 50 years old this year.

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