Pleb Vs Toff

Let’s get the story straight. It’s not about the words used, it’s about Mitchell’s attempt to save his skin by calling a police officer a liar – a week after the Hillsborough revelations.
Who lied? The minister or the policeman? That is the question. Because one of them did.  It’s almost a scandal in itself that the media have failed to hit the bull’s arse with the shovel.  They are almost colluding in this coverup. The killer question is staring them in the face. And they are retailing the denial exactly as Mitchell wants – as a specific denial of ‘pleb’ and ‘fuck’. In fact, Mitchell’s slimily-worded statement merely denies the exact form of words used. Which could mean any words in the officer’s notes.
It is no surprise that the Patrician classes refer to us as Plebs, and no real offence if done honestly. Abusive politicians are better than lying politicians. Nye Bevan honestly abused the tory party as vermin. But if a minister is lying about the police, he must go, or if the officer is lying about the minister, he must go. Only one is telling the truth. Mitchell knows the truth, and so does David Cameron by now. So if Mitchell has to be forced out by the house of commons and public pressure, everyone who supported him is complicit in his lie. Which means that Cameron has to act fast.
Mitchell must not be let off the hook by allowing this to be dragged into the usual murky semantic PC Maze. Either Mitchell lied or the officer did. Either David Cameron will reveal the truth, or the British public will decide for itself. And there are only two possibilities. 1. The officer decided on the spur of the moment to get a minister in very hot water by attributing to him some very choice and pin-sharp public school language. Or 2, the minister spontaneously revealed his true, contemptuous Patrician nature, and then covered up his mistake by calling the officer a liar. Who would you believe?

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  1. Mitchell’s slimily-worded statement merely denies the exact from of words used. Just thought I would point out this typo for you.

  2. Cheers. All done.

  3. No probs :0)


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