Incense the Innocents

Speaking of inflammatory Hate Movies, ‘The Eternal Jew’ is on YouTube. So that has to go. Along with Life of Brian and everything someone doesn’t like. But luckily, reality is at hand to save the day.
This film can never be ‘banned’ Unless you destroy the internet. Even if all the hosting sites co-operated, FTP would take over. See that Child Pornography? Make it go away.
Muslims seem to have taken the bait of a trap set by extreme right wing republican christian fundamentalists to make the them look backward and superstitious and ignorant.  The Jews seem happy for the most insulting film ever to be available online. Is Judaism, being the Eldest surviving monotheism, simply more mature than Islam, which is still a bit of an adolescent in historical terms. If not, why the discrepancy in tolerance?
Everyone has the right to expect that people will Respect their right to hold their beliefs, and to follow them as long as they don’t damage the lives of others. Nobody has the right to demand everyone Respect their beliefs. Without disrespect, racism is respectable. There are hundreds of beliefs I am proud to spit on. If I did not have the right to do so, we would all still be ruled by mad kings, who could be christian one day and Muslim the next and Jewish the day after and everyone would have to follow suit.
Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord. Not given to some neurotic teenager to enact. When humans do it is always a sign of doubt, not faith. Gross over-compensation. Punishing Blasphemy is prejudging God, taking his authority in vain, and therefore a form of Blasphemy in itself. If faith were real, and not just a status symbol, nobody would get annoyed about anything except real injustice. This synthetic mass hysteria is a huge, divisive distraction from the real priorities, as it was designed to be.
What we’re really seeing is not so much an attack on the US, or the west, but the Muslim world tearing itself into the past and future. At some point this hysteria will have to face the consequences of itself, which will be isolation and stagnation and complete dependence on countries capable of creative production for its infrastructure and the aspirations of its people. It will have to realise that adherence to medieval dogma demands a return to medieval economy. And it will not like it.
But this is what happens when technology outruns superstition, and the superstitious need to hurt people to convince themselves they exist. This issue is far more of a challenge for believers of all faiths than it is for politicians. The infantile concept of ‘Respect’ which demands complete approval has to go, for a start. Taken to its logical conclusion, banning ‘Incense the Innocents’ means banning politics. Without disrespect there is no freedom or progress. Is that what Islam really wants? Not according to the Libyan people,  who have not borne so much pain only to be cast back into another form of slavery. They seem to believe in a religion which is immune from playground jibes.

Nothing will touch Islam or the prophet Muhammad, not a book, not a movie, not a picture’.

Libya Herald

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