The Hillsborough Massacre

The more we find out about it, the more Hillsborough looks like textbook class war. And the crime of the cover-up like a perversion of history itself. Another in a long line of outrages committed by The Sun, and always at the expense of the working classes.

Today it offered a revolting apology for its sins, in the attempt to portray itself as the innocent dupe of cooler operators from Yorkshire. But the fact is that Sun editor Kelvin McKenzie wanted the lies to be true, whether he knew they were lies or no. In the dense putrid fog of apologies, this is the point which must never be forgotten. And which lands Spectator hack Boris Johnson in the same cart as McKenzie. They are required to denigrate and defame the working classes at every opportunity. It is their class duty to do so, not that they don’t get handsomely paid as well.
There is no doubt that McKenzie had Liverpool in his sights since Toxteth; and because of the Militant council, which obviously threatened sales in the city.  The Thatcher regime’s  militarisation of the police to crush the miners’ strike, using illegal surveillance and media smear campaigns, and the involvement of News International as a partner completed the triangle. So by 1989 the lie machine in South Yorkshire was well-oiled and running, in the full knowledge that Whitehall would turn a blind eye to anything short of a massacre with guns, and that it could conceal and distort the truth with impunity. Jack Straw’s accusation of a  ‘culture of impunity’ is nothing but historical fact, and something which writers such as Paul Foot were reporting at the time. Many who do not remember those times will now believe those who do when they say ‘we told you so’. If one of Andy Murray’s fans had died as Wimbledon because of police negligence, we would know the truth immediately, not after a quarter of a century. Perhaps one day we may learn the real history of the Miners Strike, or who killed Blair Peach.
For historical purposes, the 80’s never really existed, as most were told them. At the time they were largely fabrication, and the truth is still mostly locked up in Wapping and Whitehall. Leveson and Hillsborough are merely the first finds in the archeological excavation of the facts from the mound of lies piled up by the unholy trinity of police, the Thatcher regime, and News International. If the Leveson panel had any lingering doubts last week, they can’t have any now. The Hillsborough Report confirms everything they could possibly suspect about the collusion between News International and the police. And which the working classes of Liverpool have known for generations. Their instinctive solidarity throughout the decades of this struggle is not allied to any political party. But their triumph is about as political as possible, and offers a dangerous lesson in solidarity to others – Never Walk Alone. That is why the people of Liverpool can never walk alone, whether they like it or not, even if they support Everton.
Nunquam solus incedere.

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