Breivikism Declared Sane

The idea that Anders Breivik is sane is insane. Anyone who loses their humanity so much that they value the lives of others at nothing is not a sane person making a rational decision.
Even worse, Breivik’s megalomaniac, psychopathic paranoid political manifesto is validated by this judgement. That is even more insane. Like allowing Ian Brady to publish a book on parenting.
Our idea of  ‘mental-illness’ is incredibly partial, and largely for the economic, not the medical convenience of society. The point about mental illness is that much of it isn’t a disease, it’s a society. Most of us are more or less crazy, and getting crazier if statistics are any reflection of the real world at all. Most of us are only a few traumas or humiliations away from Raol Moat. If we weren’t, capitalism simply wouldn’t work. We would not be under the constant pressure of competition with each other to survive, and the constant threat of descent into whatever pit we have been led to expect lies under our feet.
But as long as the psychiatric industry can be wheeled out to provide a clinical label (and drugs) for this social disease, it can be conveniently shelved, filed under ‘scientific research required‘. And the rat-race which causes it can continue. So a few likely cases go too far. Instead of ‘working hard and playing hard’  like good ol’ boys, they end up trying to destroy Humanity for its crimes against them. The resulting deaths are regrettable collateral damage in the consumerist war for growth.
Both Breivik and the Norwegian people seem to be happy with this verdict. Which is a testimony to something in Norwegian culture a Brit probably can’t understand. But it does give Breivik the attention he craves, and his mystique among the neo-Nazi and fascist gangs will increase, and he will become a cult figure. A prince across the water.

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     /  November 24, 2012

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