BBC News Blackout. Cameron Flees London?

Why is there a BBC news blackout? Has David Cameron fled the country after a popular uprising that we don’t know about? You’d almost think so from the eradication of domestic news from the BBC schedules. It’s exactly like when TVRepublica broadcasts old footage of military parades in a loop, while El Presidente’s helicopters take off from the palace roof.
The inexplicable,  non-stop, unavoidable BBC Olympic coverage has completely sidelined and devalued events effecting the lives of the ordinary British people who paid for the Olympics in the first place. Typically, today’s ‘news’ at 1 lead with a trailer for this afternoon’s Olympic main feature. Apart from feeling distinctly sinister, this is a huge missed opportunity to exploit the potential of new broadcasting techniques, and fulfil the BBC remit, while also maximising ratings – because commercial TV has completely surrendered the Olympics ratings battle. There have been no massive blockbusters on ITV, or scheduled climaxes to soap operas or talent shows.
Thanks to the BBCs Olympomania, there is now a news vacuum in British TV, which, gawdelpus, is now  being filled by Sky News.
Add to this the commercial vacuum which is London town, betrayed into believing that by now their tills would have worn out from the chings of the massed suckers thronging the streets, and the atmosphere is quite spooky. It’s as if London is on an undeclared General Strike, which in a way it is. People have certainly decided en-masse to withdraw the products of their labour, which amounts to the same thing as refusing to work for peanuts.

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