Doubleplusgood Tory Murdoch Doublethink

The Tories have let Murdoch off the hook, temporarily. And they seem proud of it.
The only conclusions possible from the cross-party Parliamentary Select Committee’s findings are that Murdoch is either a crook or a liar. And one in charge of an Imperialistic campaign of media domination
So Nye Bevan put it best while condemning another form of  Imperialism:

‘Every burglar of course could say the same thing, he could argue that he was entering the house in order to train the police.
So, if Sir Anthony Eden is sincere in what he is saying, and he may be, then he is too stupid to be a prime minister. ‘

If he knew, he’s a crook, if he didn’t, he’s an idiot, and the conclusion for any rational mind is inescapable, even if Murdoch hadn’t perverted the course of history for decades, ruining countless lives in the process, and contributing greatly to the economic disaster decent people are now suffering, not to mention destroying British journalism in the process.

Such a crook and a liar cannot, by any stretch of what passes for tory imagination be a fit and proper person to run a mop and bucket, let alone an organisation with huge political and economic power. If he knew – he is a crook and should be in prison, if he didn’t, he should be in a home. Both are grounds for Mutiny in the British Navy.

This conclusion was embedded in the remit of the committee from the first question. It was inevitable. To dodge it would be to make a nonsense of the entire enquiry, as Mark Watson realised.
The tories stoutly defended the right of a crook/idiot to run an empire with vast political and economic power. This generic Tory trait is to blame for the crap we are now in. In addition, Tory Bright Young Thing Louise Mensch is now revealed as one of the true First Generation Doublethinkers.

‘.. the essential act of The Party is to use conscious deception while retaining the firmness of purpose that goes with complete honesty.’

Her performance this week shows that she can literally condemn a crook with one half of her brain while with the other defending him as fit and qualified to wield vast political and commercial power. Mental gymnastics worthy of the brightest Inner Party member in Oceania. Does being a crook and idiot make you unfit to run a large news corporation? Not according to Mensch and her party, who have been brutalised by market values to an intellectual and moral state ‘lower than vermin’, to quote Bevan again. A state in which they are defying logic itself and betraying their true sympathies and revealing the marketplace they idealise as nothing but a Gangland war.
And if Murdoch is ‘fit’, who isn’t? Fred West?

But of all the Wapping-Gate bombshells yet to burst, surely the most gratifying will be the discussions between Blair and Murdoch prior to the Iraq War. Then we might see both in the Hague, not merely before some wrist-slapping committee.

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