Gee-Gee Whizz-kid! Galloway and the Ghosts of Benghazi

Gaza Flotilla Protest

Galloway’s about-turn on Libya will come back to haunt him.
Before UN1973 he was, for a week or so, the valiant leader of the ‘New International Brigade’ rushing to Relieve Bengazi and resist Gadaffi.
When the world got involved, he not only dropped the project like a hot potato, but also went about deleting any reference to it, and ultimately banning anyone who raised it. Like a genuine for-real dictator or media baron.
Long story short, the man lives in a bubble. He cannot prevent or ignore the attacks by his enemies, which he swats fairly effortlessly anyway (look at the record – no convictions). But his mistake is to ensure that he never hears any genuine criticism from his potential allies. And by doing so, abuses the internet which is helping to bring freedom to the people he claims to represent.
He thinks that he’s in for another easy ride on the back of a bungling shower of chinless Tophats. And he will make a lot of mileage from Afghanistan and Coaltion NeoCon economic atrocities. But he will go too far, and at some point some honourable Smart Alec is going to pipe up:
‘And how would you have saved Bengazi?’
At this point he may or may not refer to his Facebook ‘New International Brigade’ Campaign. But eventually he will have to explain why he dropped it when it was upstaged by UN1973, and Double-Dip Dave stole the limelight. Might the reason be that the Gaza Flotillas were partly funded by Saif Gadaffi, the butcher’s son?

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