The Unheard Libyan Appeal. The Mercy of Pacifism.

The letter below was sent to Stop The War Coalition around 23rd of March 2011 by a Libyan alarmed at their policy of indifference. It represented much needed -testimony for an organisation which claimed to represent progressive opinion. The fact is that STWC consistently refused to cite or seek any Libyan opinion on which to base their official line. They opposed UN1973 with no regard to what the Libyan people thought. And when queried as to the extent and nature of their Libyan sources, STWC resorted to censorship, removing inconvenient posts from their Facebook group, and banning those who dared ask inconvenient questions. They had no Libyan sources. And as far as we know, still don’t. The fact is that STWC do not represent progressive opinion, but mere old-fashioned Peace Pledge Union pacifism, and clockwork ‘militancy’ of the most undirected and badge-waving kind.


by Saad Essadeg

Dear Brothers and sisters Stop the War organization and the UK Arabic society are arranging a demonstration against the Coalition intervention to save the Libyan people from the mad criminal Gaddafi called Hands Off Libya, Cut the war not Public services, obviously cutting the public services is far more stressful for them than people being massacred in Libya.

I wrote the following to them, please do the same as a matter of urgency. send it to: or text them on 07939242229

Dear friends,

I am a British Libyan who supported you on several other demonstrations, I can not believe that inhumane stand that you are taking over the situation in Libya. Britain and other Western countries repeatedly comment on human rights and democracy so it is only right that they support other people striving to achieve what we take for granted, when they are being barbarically slaughtered by a psychotic mad man who has been raging war against his own people for over 4 decades.

No one likes to see war and destruction but there are some cases where simply doing nothing is just not an option. If the coalition forces had not intervened Qaddafi would have totally destroyed Benghazi and its people. Yes I appreciate the country as a whole is suffering from cuts to public services etc., but I am sure that when Libya is safe and secure and democracy prevails the new government of the country will be more than generous for recompensing the coalition for its welcomed intervention, it is certain that they will not allow their country to be occupied, but they also will realise that like themselves, the British people should not pay for interventions they did not ask for and which do not benefit them in a direct way.

For your information at least 90% of the population of Libya is desperately hoping that Gaddafi will go and they will enjoy the same rights and freedoms we do in the UK – you simply can not put a price on something like this.

Unfortunately, no one brought up in this country can actually appreciate the horrors suffered by the Libyan people under the Gaddafi regime. Perhaps if you had more knowledge and understanding of the situation in Libya, past and present, you would be taking a totally different stand from the inhumane and financially motivated stand you are taking at present. Having recently seen a spokesman for Stop the War on the news, I was absolutely astonished and disgusted at his total lack of knowledge and understanding of the Libyan situation. For such a respected organization, this is just not acceptable. I would plead with you to rethink your stand as you are at great risk of missing informing and misleading the public and, quite frankly losing all credibility. You only need to watch the news to see how Gaddafi is indiscrimnately slaughtering our people in Libya, how could you sit back and do nothing, have you no conscience? where is your humanity? the fact that you are organizing a demonstration against the actions of the coalition to save the Libyan people is a great stain on your organization. please, reconsider your stand.

Saad & Carol Abdullatif

ex-supporters of stop the war movement

and to add to that, please consider this –

Everyone in the world has seen the all out war Gaddafi raged on the Libyan people, how he attacks cities with heavy weapons and jet fighters and so on, let alone what the Libyans have suffered in the last 40 years. I have no doubt that these activists have good intentions, but unfortunately they are totally ignorant and have a complete lack of understanding with regard to the situation in Libya.

I must stress in the strongest terms that Libya is a totally different situation to Iraq and only a total idiot would even attempt to compare the two as doing so immediately exposes that person’s ignornace.

If Gaddafi remains in power, believe me he will take the most horrific revenge on Benghazi, Misrat, Zawia, Zintan and all other cities that opposed him, in fact Misrata and Zawia are still being reduced to rubble as punishment for their opposition.

Where is the compassion for the civilians who are at this very time being machine gunned and shot at by snipers if they even dare to put their head out of a window for fresh air? the hospital in Misrata and the rest of the city have had no water, electricity, food or medical supplies for weeks how much longer can these besieged people survive? anyone with even a shred of humanity in their soul would want to help and assist these people who are prepared to live through this hell if it means their children will be able to live in a free and democratic society. Maybe you will not be able to comprehend the cruelty and madness of Gadafi, no one likes his country to be bombed, but if it means getting rid of this devil we support it wholeheartedly simply because there is no other solution.

Diplomatic mediation is not an option with a deceitful liar like Gaddafi, his false declarations of ceasefire whilst he continues to slaughter the people of Misrata and Ajdabiya are surely a suitable indication that the diplomatic route is not a credible option. He would only use any break in the intervention to kill more people and gain more ground.

People must understand what they are dealing with here.

Gaddafi himself deals with people whom he immersed in the blood of the Libyan people and whose own self interest is therefore to keep Gaddafi in power because their very own survival depends on his survival. do not underestimate Gaddafi and what he capable of.

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