Are We Allowed to Understand Kelvin McKenzie?

Cameron’s claim that the riots were caused by “criminality, pure and simple” is the biggest abandonment of responsibility of all. And another giant flight from reason. 

There is no such thing as ‘pure criminality’. Criminality is just a description of an action in relation to the laws we find convenient at the time. Like all his reactionary buddies, Cameron is lapsing into the Middle Ages by making it an inherent ‘evil’ in Mankind. One which can be triggered en masse by random forces beyond our control. Demonic possession, in other words.
Kelvin McKenzie put this into practice on Newsnight this week by demanding that we shouldn’t  even try to explain or understand the riots, merely punish punish punish!
Another foretaste came from David Davies MP/Special PC, who represents the NuAngry Brigade faction, and who screamed at a BBC camera team: ‘I blame anyone who has ever criticised the police for kettling, or ‘brutality’.. !”
To explain and understand terrorism is now to excuse the terrorist. To criticise authority is now a suspect act. Thought is now an act of treachery. So are we allowed to understand Kelvin McKenzie, or would that be to excuse him? The language has taken such a pounding, it’s unlikely to ever fully recover. 
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