Libya In Credit UN1973

There a general chorus that freedom in Libya is simply too expensive. That British taxpayers are denying themselves hospitals and schools to prevent Gadaffi slaughtering at will.
This is an understandable response, especially for a people under the lash of George Osborne’s regime. But it must be remembered that the West has been creaming the top off Gadaffi’s criminal deposits for decades. So the Relief of Bengazi and the entire UN1973 operation probably hasn’t cost the British taxpayer a penny, in real terms. It is all paid for in advance, and is probably still in credit, courtesy of Gadaffi Investments Inc, and the blood of the Libyan people. They are now merely drawing on their deposits, and it is the duty of the west to pay up. The consequences for renaging on this debt would not only be massacre on a biblical scale, but also a ruinously expensive war which would make Iraq look like a librarian’s disco and which would disrupt oil supplies for a decade.

There is simply no choice.
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