Celebrity Blight

The images of the dead Princess of Wales are about to be released on a TV documentary, to great controversy. Do we need to see them? What possible good can it do? – And other piercing daytime TV chat-show questions.
I would like to see them, just to get a sense of how much in control the photographer was. How professional he was able to be in the face if the photo of the century.
We despise politicians for the same reason we worship ‘Celebrities’, because our Human Values have become so debased in the interest of selling information, and our society so fractured and alienated as a result, that all emotions which should be shared in the real world are expressed by proxy in this cast of fantasy villains, heroes, and fairytale princesses. A form of porn, in other words. Junk life in a junk economy. The economy that killed Diana Spencer as surely as it killed the victims of the Irish Potato Famine.
The celebrity class, which includes anyone whose image sells information, are are dehumanised and degraded as any famine victim, and for much the same reason.

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  1. I wouldn't want to see a picture of a dead Princess Diana, any more than I wish to see pictures of dead people in the news. It feels disrespectful. When I am dead, I don't want my image anywhere except in peoples' memories. Mariabella Hollens


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