British Helicopters Smell Like Victory

The belated decision to deploy attack helicopters in Libya may have come too late to save thousands of lives in Misratah, especially, but at least it is another clear sign that Gadaffi is running out of steam, and that he is a spent force.
If NATO intelligence thought for a second that there was the remotest chance of a helicopter being shot down and its crew held to ransom, there would be no decision to deploy them. The risk assessment must therefore conclude that Gadaffi no longer has any significant anti-aircraft capacity. As they say.
It’s Health and Safety making sense.
And now that the Russians have finally come to their senses, and are prepared to lean on Gadaffi until it hurts, the young men from Tripoli outside the Libyan embassy in London last week will soon have even more to sing and dance about than the mere prospect of freedom.

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