Hitler was a Human Being Shock Discovery

So now that Lars Von Trier has been burned at the stake, should we go after Hitler’s biographers? After all, they were actually paid to understand Hitler, and (if they were any good at their job) to even sympathise with the young Hitler, seeing as they would have researched the circumstances of formation. Websites like Buzzle would have to go on the bonfire too, of course. And all the literature which deals with Hitler as a real person rather than the Angel of Death.
Hitler was, believe it or not, a human being almost identical to everyone else, originally. So for anyone to claim they do NOT understand him is an admission of human failure, and the real cause for concern. Either that or they believe that there are Evil Monsters walking the earth doing the work of The Devil and causing all the trouble in the world. Which makes them as paranoid and fit to be tied as Hitler himself.

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