The Libyan Peace Formula

Strangely, the formula for peace in Libya is real mathematical formula.
It is simply a function of three factors. 

1. The ammunition remaining in Gadaffi’s arsenal (X)
2. Its rate of use and destruction (Y) and
3. The resolution of the forces of freedom (F). 
The answer being the period of time (T) before Gadaffi has to go. The actual figures should be quite easy to find in the sales books of British companies.
I think the formula might look like this but I could be wrong as I am almost enumerate.
T=  X – F

which could be tomorrow for all we know. 
I’m not a mathematician, but I know that unless Gadaffi is being secretly restocked, his end gets nearer with every shot his troops fire. So him and his appalling sons can stuff all their offers. He is the one under siege in his bunker, not the Libyan people.
Why is the simple truth that artillery shells do not grow on palm trees too difficult for so many highly trained analysts and commentators to understand?
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