The Level Libyan Playing Field. ‘Come on if You Think You’re Hard Enough!’

It’s hard to imagine why any of Gadaffi’s foreign mercenaries should stay beyond tomorrow. They may be thugs, but they’re not that stupid. And Bengazi seems to be positively relishing the chance of giving Gadaffi’s land troops a kicking, now that the playing field is a bit more level. The rebels are keen football fans, they know the chant. ‘Come on if you think you’re hard enough!’
The real danger is of Gadaffi venting his mad rage against the nearest and weakest target. Identifying and intercepting this atrocity is the main task of the Allied forces. Bengazi can now largely take care of itself, as the cold realisation that they backed a loser sweeps through Gadaffi loyalists. Expect mass blue funk from the little green men.

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