The Censorship of the Press

Print is an inherently exclusive media. It has never been able to publish all the information it could. As such it has always been, objectively, a as much a means of censorship as distributing ‘truth’ or ‘conventional wisdom’. And the reliance of newspapers on advertising mean that business has significant control over editorial policy. Which redefines conventional wisdom with every twist and turn of the property market (especially).
The advent of open-source journalism, from Assange to the 12 year old Masai boy uploading videos via his OX1, flows information around this traditional barrier like a river around a shopping trolley.
The new, global conventional wisdom is based on this access to the means of production, distribution and exchange, and has many implications, not least for the defunct concept of the nation state, a relic of the steam age, and one in dire need of re-evaluation. No wonder politicians are shaking in their shoes.

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