The Amateur Society Society

Cameron wants us to run the country for nothing. All bullshit aside, that is what ‘The Big Society’ boils down to., eventually. There is such a lot of bullshit.
Volunteer police, teachers, estate managers, firemen? housing benefit officers? We are all in it together, and we must put our noses to the grindstone to win the Deficit War and protect the bankers from the real world and the consequences of their diseased minds. ‘What did you do in the Deficit War, daddy?’ is the question hanging over us all, apparently.
The tragedy is that Diddy Dave thinks this is a new idea. In fact it is just a tired re-run of the 1968 campaign ‘I’m Backing Britain‘, which bullied those with no self-respect into working a day a week for no pay. Bruce Forsyth was the figurehead, and Robert Maxwell grabbed the opportunity to launch his own stunt to ‘Buy British!‘, selling campaign T-Shirts made in Portugal.
Cameron has even had the gall to talk about co-operatives, as if tories invented them. It would be great if his ‘Big Society’ really meant more co-operativeness. If it did signify a and end to the Rat-race. But the likelihood is that once the job is done, and the new local co-operative has repaired the damage, that it will be bought up lock-stock and barrel by the corporation it threatens. And then we’re back to square one. And if it refuses to sell it will be strangled to death, as alternative economic models always are.So in reality, ‘The Big Society’ simply means a return to the voluntary Good Works of a genteel yester-year. An Amateur Society Society, whose members work very hard to produce a worthy ‘HMS Pinafore’ every two years, but never talk to their neighbours.

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