So now your friendly family doctor is going to be an accountant as well.
I was under the impression that vital public servants, such as doctors and police officers, were to be relieved of the burden of paperwork, got out from behind their desks, and put back ‘on the front line’, doing what they were trained for.
Now I find that as well as doctor-ccountants, parents are now even expected to run schools for the local authority. What other services are going to be run by amateurs, like during the General Strike? How many more chinless bungling twits will be able to boast “I drove a bus!”

If this madness does manage to survive, it will naturally and inevitably lead to the pre-NHS market in the most profitable practices, which will be in the most salubrious postcode areas, and again the level of universal health care will suffer. The recent studies* which showed the NHS to be one of the most efficient and effective healthcare systems in the world will show a different picture when they report in 4 or 5 years time.
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