Gas, Gaza, And Weapons of Mass Construction

On the anniversary of Dunkirk, with TVs flickering to the Pathe News footage of a heroic rescue mission, Israel has attacked a cockleshell convoy delivering cement and windows to the victims of the Blitzed Gaza strip. The Israeli army’s murderous act of thuggery at the weekend is being justified on the grounds of ‘provocation’. Crack commando units, armed to the teeth with the Uzis were ‘provoked’ by a few activists with sticks. And so they killed them. They deserved it.
If you have the temerity to knock over the local thug’s drink, it will provoke him, and he will beat your brains out in the car-park. And you will, by the street laws he lives by, deserve all you get. Why he is the local thug is the question. What made him that way? And it isn’t difficult to answer in the case of Israel. We know the family history well. But his abusive parentage still leaves him subject to criminal law.
Moral law condemns his actions but is compassionate to his condition.
When he will see through his blind sociopathic paranoia and return that compassion is a matter of nurture, but as every shrink knows, the patient has to want to be healed.
The object of the attack on the Marmara is quite clear. To scare away any further attempts to break Israel’s illegal stranglehold on the Gazan people. It will fail, and there will be more and better prepared convoys, with even more committed people, bearing equally innocuous cargoes.
And each time Israel will need to choose between repeating its atrocities, or be forced to back down and lose face. It has chosen to fight on the wrong battlefield this time.
You have to worry about the collective mental health of Zionist nationalism. The paranoia is reaching Stalinist levels, which is understandable in a state under seige, but only when that state is truly vulnerable, as Stalin’s was.
When that country is armed to the teeeth with nuclear weapons, and backed by the most powerful country on earth, the need to invert reality becomes less defensible.
Piracy is generally committed for wealth and power. And one reason this Zionist piracy of the high seas is destined to continue is the presence of carbon fuel off the Gazan shore.
“Discovered in 2000, there are extensive gas reserves off the Gaza coastline.” 
Naturally, no Gazan authority, elected or not, will be allowed its full rights to these deposits, and the people of Gaza will not benefit from them. Just as the West Bank Palestinians are being deprived of water and land.
The tragedy of Israel is the confusion of religion and land. But the sincerely religious, those to whom worldy politics are as irrelevant and petty as they should be to anyone truly in awe of a Divine Onmipotent Being, go by the motto: Keep Politics Out of Religion and Religion Out Of Politics..
I think everyone of good will could agree on that. Afterwards, the sky’s the limit, really. Once belief isn’t threatened by the state and the state not threatened by belief, the problem of Jerusalem disappears like morning mist in the sun.
Neturei Karta is a prime example of such clear thinking, believing that the Talmud actually proscribes the creation of nation states. It seems a prime candidate to promote a new religious realism, especially in the faiths of the middle east.
It’s useful also to remember that Israel was directly instrumental in establishing Hamas. The idea being to divide Palestinian solidarity and undermine the PLO. But since then, Zionism has become even more demented, and its current wave of paranoia looks more like an invitation to Tehran to build its atom bombs – if it thinks it’s hard enough.

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