Griffin Gets Stuffed

Just a few points about last night’s grotesque performance by the fascist leader on Question Time.

1) Most of his howling madness was no surprise to some. Take his bonkers 2007 defence of racism on Newsnight when he accused the BBC of “Demonising racism”. Bewildered presenter Gavin Estler couldn’t help blurting out:
“What? There’s a good side to racism?”
To which Griffin, aware of his slip, muttered something incoherent about the word very ‘racism’ being a fiendish
Trotskyite plot to do something or other. The BBC being naturally in league with Trotsky.

2) If it wasn’t for YouTube, the panel would have been stymied. Thank god for web2, it may live up to its political promise yet. Most panellists used the online archive of Griffin in more candid times to beat him to the ground. He had no hiding place, and could only grin like a teenager caught wanking.

3) Griffin at least did history a service by forcing an examination of the real Churchill as opposed to the myth. His history as an early enthusiast for enforced eugenic sterilisation, and his ordering troops to open fire on striking Welsh miners, and his determination to keep the disgusting, random, health system which almost lost us the war against fascism should all be forced down the throats of those who idolise him. Churchill’s political reality is far nearer to fascism than many would like to admit. And his character much closer to the ‘petrified adolescent’ of Bevan’s famous insult.

4) Why does Griffin single out fundamentalist Islam as the only misogynist religious sect? At that level, most religions are. If he was honest about women’s rights, he would lead a secular party which highlighted the obscenities of all Bronze Age cosmologies. Just as if he was honest about Britain’s ‘ethnicity’ he would merely come clean and admit that he doesn’t like people who don’t have white skin.

5) All racists and fascists are pathologically suppressing their true sexuality, so his reaction to two men kissing is not a surprise.

6) Fascism is always result of capitalism in crisis, not immigrants or any other scapegoat, and not the fault of evil or nasty people. The design faults of the capitalist class-system are why the BNP has seats on local councils and the European Parliament they despise, and is on TV now.
The related question from the audience was:

‘Has the BNP benefited from the government’s flawed immigration policy?’

A leading question which would be allowed in any court. But ignoring the twisted, ‘when-did-you-stop-beating-your-wife’ nature of the question, the simple answer is,

No, fascism has always benefited by the lies and hatred it has spread about immigrants, which is its job; and from the support it has garnered from the mainstream media in this campaign of fear. So the Daily Mail and the rest of the gutter press are now, just as they were in the 30’s, the handmaidens of fascist thuggery.

7) The BBC can never win. Two weeks ago, the profit-crazed tabloids were demanding the fascists ‘Right’ to be on QT. When they granted it, they were reviled for seeking an audience. When it got that audience, it was reviled, but if nobody had watched, it would also be in the dock.
This QT has also been attacked by apologists for fascism as not being a ‘normal’ edition. That it was a Nick Griffin show. A bearpit, designed to humiliate him.
What these people are in fact saying is that fascism is a normal political opinion, and not a sickness. That is the real measure of the depths of Britain’s moral degradation.
Fascism isn’t normal, it is disgusting and alien to civilised values. If there has been an Aztec High Priest on QT, it would not have been ‘normal’ either. So when disgusting values are given airtime, as demanded by theBritish media for the last six months, it is entirely proper that they are not treated as normal, but scrutinised and challenged to everyone’s satisfaction.
Griffin had plenty of room to defend his sect, he failed. He should now take the hint and get back to his internet bunker with his Nazi memorabilia before making an even bigger fool of himself. And the disturbed sheep who need his leadership should try choosing life.
The trouble with these sheep is that now their shepherd has been shown up as an idiot, and his lies unmasked, they will completely abandon his nicely-nicely approach, and return to their usual thuggery with relish. The PR spin has failed, so there will be reprisals for their defeat on the BBC, organised attacks in sensistive areas, and random attacks by individuals. The amount of race-hate violence will increase. So the price of the BNPs exposure and subsequent humiliation will be paid by ordinary british black and asian people.
The BNP are a sick, frightened little sect with a paranoid fear of difference. Unfortunately, times like these foster such diseases. That is the design flaw in capitalism.
The electoral reality, given the state of the parties in Westminster, and the transparency of Cameron, and the rise of UKIP, is that the suckers prepared to vote BNP out of adolescent spite will be voting for another 5 years of Gordon Brown.
Is that what they want? Then that’s what’ll happen.

BNP faces reality.

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