The Fraud of Tory Free Speech

Prominent, vastly over-rated and over-sponsored tory boy-blogger Iain Dale threatened to ban me from his blog today.

‘I have no hesitation in calling you an anti semitic racist. You could be nothing else judging by your use of Lebensraum and Master race when talking about Israel. Any further such comments will result in a ban.”

The braindead con of calling all anti-zionists anti-semites again? ‘All Anti-Racists Are Racists’.
This proves that tory pretence to free speech is nothing but a giant fraud. But also completely undermines the over-exposed bag of hot air which is ‘
Iain Dale’s Diary.’ His petulance reinforces everything every thinking person knows about the tory mentality.
Zionists do not represent Judaism, but merely a fascistic set of territorial demands derived from a mythical golden age and authenticated by a divine entity. Just like the Nazis and every other form of extreme nationalism. Most Jews are revolted by their reactionary cruelty. And even religious fundamentalists are examining the religious credentials of the creed.
 Dale’s threats of censorship are typical of the bogus claims to libertarianism of the right wing. As bogus as Zionist claims that ‘there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza’, or that they are able to ‘target’ terrorists in one of the the densely populated states on earth. But what else can we expect from someone subsidised by Israel?
Ban me from a tory hate sheet? It won’t be the first time, and I’d consider it a privilege.
He pathetically squeals that Gaza is less densely populated than Portsmouth. As if that made any difference, or was an excuse for murderous nationalism such as Zionism. Which has proved to be just as toxic a fantasy as Nazism, Jihad, Greater Serbia, and the Irish Hall Of Kings. Cramming all the world’s Jews into land occupied by generations of Palestinians was always an illogical and impossible objective, which is why it is now the most illegal state on the planet in terms of UN resolutions and requires massive subsidies from the US to exist at all.
It is clear that to Dale, a vengeance rate of 100 to one is quite acceptable to maintain this nightmare. This is a moral and intellectual surrender on a grand scale. But since when do tories have morals? There’s simply no money in morals. Ask any of them to name an industrial dispute in which the workers were right to take action against their owners. There will be a long silence because tory dogma holds that the Boss always knows best.

But it seems that not all Tories are like the dreary Dale in every respect.
Israel has Gone Too Far and Will Pay a Heavy Price

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