Paedophobic Britain Getting Worse.

Lewisham Women's Refuge 1

A survey commissioned by children’s charity Barnardo’s has suggested that more than half the population believe UK children are “feral” and behave like animals.

Some 54% of the adults questioned thought that British children behaved like “animals”.
More than a third of those surveyed also agreed that the streets were “infested” with children..

On internet messageboards and comments

Staff found messages where children were described as “feral” and some suggestions teenagers should be “shot”.

Barnardo’s points out that

The British blame children for “up to half of all crime” when in fact they are only responsible for 12% of criminal activity.

Barnardo’s campaign to reclaim childhood from those trying to destroy it for money is spearheaded by this powerful film. It says it all.


‘Breaking the Cycle’ PDF

Why should Britian should be like this? Most other european countries adore their children and their childishness. We seem to see childhood as an incovenience. A messy, noisy, squabble until they can earn their own keep and are out the door. We have ‘child-free’ restaurants, curfews and Baby P. We demand more freedom and safety for our cars than we do for our kids, and allow them far more room to express themselves, including their more homicidal tendencies.
The Daily Scum will howl in agony at a fee of £5 to drive a Porsche into central London but sees nothing wrong with a single mother having to pay twice that to get her child into a creche so that she can work part time in a school just down the road.

It’s a total disgrace, and apparently getting worse, and the international court of opinion is watching.

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