Obama 2011

Apparently, gunsales are booming in the Deep South and other hardline NRA areas. The BBC reports that some republican pessimists are preparing for the prospect of an Obama defeat. They expect mass rioting and are stocking up on extra firepower in case. Perhaps this means that there is a sliver of McCain support which will vote for Obama out of sheer terror. Even if there is a name for this kind of tactical voting, it couldn’t really make this campaign much stranger.
It would seem that the deadline for any disruptive action has now passed. And that Obama will win. This is now taken for granted, though nobody yet knows what he is supposed to do. He represents ‘change’. So does dry-rot.

So what questions will be asked and answered in three years time when President Obama has comprehensively failed to domesticate consumerism – unless he and Fate have got something very big up their sleeves. What kind of disillusionment will that create, and who will make the most advantage of it?

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