Bojo Blair Cop Out

With the banks already on strike, we discover now that Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has also been on strike since his election in May, refusing to liaise with his police commissioner. Or perhaps he was sulking, or both.
Either way, he has forced Sir Ian Blair into an impossible position, and he has resigned. This blatantly political move is also a major concession to the tabloid campaign to remove Blair. And will also influence the policing of the rest of Britain.
The Daily Mail and The Standard and the other sheets which detest Blair’s multi-racial, inclusive recruitment policies, have got on their moral high horses about the death of Jean Charles de Menenzes. But these are exactly the same outlets which hailed as a triumph for democracy the murder of Blair Peach by the racist Special Patrol Group.
There were no demands by them for Commissioner David McNee to be removed. And no backing for the many demands for a public enquiry.
Likewise, if they are willing to condemn Blair because of the unproven charges of racism, which are still under examination, why were they so quick to support the blatantly racist Stop and Search policies which caused Brixton to burn?
By hijacking the post of Police Commissioner, Boris Johnson has guaranteed that the standard of the applicants will be lowered. Already top candidate Norman Bettison of the West Yorkshire force has stated that he is not prepared to be compromised in this way,

“The dislodging of Ian Blair is a demonstration of political will. Along this road lies danger. I am therefore staying put.”

and former Chief, Sir John Stevens has also warned of the dangers of politicising the post.

So whatever Sir Ian Blair’s failings turn out to be, Boris Johnson has made policing London, and britain in general, more difficult, and compromised the post for the foreseeable future.
The only obvious solution to the political dilemma of allowing a Tory mayor to determine policing for the nation is to divide the post into two, creating a commissioner for London, and one for mainland security.
Or wait until Boris self-destructs, and find someone sane.

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