08/08/08 Lucky Number Team GB

Does every British medal winner carry a number 8 on their back? To the casual but surprised TV viewer, it does seem as if this Chinese talisman has done no harm at all to the glorious medal tally of ‘Team GB’. Which prompts the nerdiest Olympic question so far. What is the Olympic numbering system anyway?
People are naturally wondering why the British team are doing so well. On the principle that everything Gordon Brown touches turns to dust, and because he is hiding in Scotland, he can’t posibly be to blame. Both John Major and the playing fields of Eton have been held responsible, which was worth a laugh. But no mention of astral forces. To be fair, The Mirror did print a feature on Chinese Numerology, but then forgot all about it in the goldrush.
The Chinese believe in this mumbo jumbo, and they seem to be doing fine.

Beijing Olympics 2008

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