Mystical Bollox

re: Guardian Editorial: Little Richardjohn – 544th post – 30 Dec 2004 15:45
Exactly, there is no such thing as unhappiness, only Otherappiness. Being Otherhappy is as nice as being Happy.
We’re AAALL happy ALL the time because nothing is real.
It’s all a wonderful dream put here for our Othermusement by a wonderful nonexistent value-free All-Seeing Non-Concept.
Why we silly little specks of dust worry our little heads about Suffering and Pain when both are just an illusion created by the mind-intellect has always been a mystery – or Quasi-truth as we must now call it.
Nothing really matters.
Anyone can seeeee.
Nothing really matters….
To meeeeee.

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re: Guardian Editorial: Cahen_k – 1956th post – 30 Dec 2004 17:08
That is what is prescribed in a foreword to the Ashtavakra Gita:


Much like the Zen koan
Touch base.
Otherwise the mind is sitting on one side of the divide [Truth/ Reality].
Much like the Buddha’s:

“In your seeing , there should be only seeing; in your hearing nothing but hearing; in your smelling, tasting, touching, nothing but smelling, tasting, touching; in your cognizing, nothing but cognizing. When contact occurs through any of the six bases of sensory experience, there should be no valuation, no conditioned perception. Once perception starts evaluating any experience as good or bad, one sees the world in a distorted way because of one’s blind reactions. In order to free the mind from all conditioning, one must learn to stop evaluating on the basis of past reactions and to be aware, without evaluating or without reacting.”
This is the end of my sermon for today. [reply] [Complain about this post]

re: Guardian Editorial: Little Richardjohn – 545th post – 30 Dec 2004 17:30
Exactly. All mysticism is simply a way of blocking out the world and thereby never having to think about how to deal with it. or bettter still, never think at all.
That has always been the attraction of mysticism to fascists throughout the ages. The reassurance that things are destined always go on and on and on the same. That nothing really matters, nothing really matters nothing really matters, nothing really matters.
You can see how someone unable to accept the concept of progress might wrap themselves up in the comfy duvet of Asiatic Death-Worship. The cyclical universe in which everything that is going to happen has already happened a thousand times over (correct me on the exact figure). It also makes things very convenient if, because of the repetition, you can therefore actually predict what is going to happen next.
Only, because nothing exists, there are no things to happen and therefore none to predict. The only things that matter come from the godhead. Who, in the world the rest of us live in, has always been the person willing to kill the most people to get to that position. And their word has got to be worth something. Obey to stay alive and stay alive to obey, and endless circle of slaveru and submission to the greater ideal.
At this level, the whole charade becomes nothing more than a huge dose of vallium for the Philosophical Bored Housewives of this world.
It says it means nothing. And I believe it.

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