Grenfell Tower Inquiry Findings

Austerity Kills. Therefore Tories Kill.

Whatever the findings of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, building regulations don’t need to change, everything has to change.
The entire British obsession with property ownership and the stigmatisation of social housing has to end. Social housing is not emergency accommodation for Losers, it is vital infrastucture and a valid choice for those who Just Say No to Debt, and all the sickness, stress and impoverishment it brings.
Place the construction of organic, healthy communities at the top of the list of priorities, and all the other details will follow naturally. And save vast amounts from the NHS, Police and welfare budgets.
If there is a ‘deficit’ then this is the way to reduce it, not by cuts which kill people.


Grenfell Tower. Time for Change

Grenfell Tower is not a new disaster. The dangers of synthetic cladding were highlighted by the Summerland fire of 1973. Which killed over 50 people and injured 80.

And the more information emerges about the disaster, the more it sounds like Aberfan. Only it might even be worse, if possible.
Aberfan was 50 years ago. The authorities were repeatedly warned about that too. And when the inevitable happened, it was as fast and merciless.
The hope is that the Grenfell victims get better after-care than those of 1966.

Those made homeless want cast-iron guarantees now that they will not be dumped in bedsits in Hull or Clacton on a ‘temporary’ basis.
This must not be another excuse for Kensington & Chelsea’s policy of social cleansing, which must end now. The community must not be destroyed further. In fact, North Westminster now needs a completely new organisation to represent its interests, one which should be replicated nationally.
If there aren’t enough spare units on the borough housing list, the Hilton and Dorchester are just down the road.
If there is not enough ‘community spirit’ in the fancy end of Kensington, Grenfell Tower may not be the only fire in the borough this summer. And most British people will completely sympathise, if not approve.

Grenfell Tower. The Eloquence of Experience.

Amid the emerging horror, it was fascinating that all the eye-witnesses of the Grenfell Tower disaster used direct, plain, unaffected language, with none of the, like, I was like… and then I was like… gibberish which infects much modern narrative speech.
These people were not ‘like’ anything, they WERE. Their experiences were not a simile, they were real. Except when the simile was real “it was literally so rapid, like when hair catches fire”
Which suggests that when people can see a concrete image in their minds of something that matters, they can be as eloquent and powerful as Churchill or Orwell.
Which is why when people lapse into language which is as bland and meaningless as possible they are lying; especially politicians, technocrats and billionaires –


Meanwhile, if Teresa May cannot fence herself off from the emerging scandal, she is truly dead, and the election will be even sooner. But even if she can, the tories are will still be blamed, and suffer just as much at the polls.

Trump Idiocracy Notes

Consumerism has degenerated into its inevitable Idiocracy phase.
It can no longer deny its own impossibility, and so has to invert reality and destroy reason.
Ergo Trump.
Fortunately, this phase is even less sustainable than its parent.
Anyone who believes that Trump is an alternative to the ‘establishment’ is as deluded as he is. His brand of total alienation is Hyper-Establishment dogma. This is a triumph over all attempts to moderate Capitalist vandalism – and over free thought.
Trendy Pussyfoot Clinton-Bashing Corbynites gloating over this horror should also be prepared to count the human cost of their opportunism – not that they will see or seize the opportunity when it comes.
Looking at the crippled US political machine, it’s hard not to conclude that the entire pre-industrial Constitution was obsolete when it was written.
It is a primitive model, based on an understandable knee-jerk reaction to feudalism, but with no understanding of the demands of a modern industrial state.
Yesterday proved that American civilisation is now no more advanced than it was 150 years ago. Just like China and Russia, in fact.
The only practical response by sincere scientists to Trump’s Scorched Earth policy is a global strike. His Nero Decree is unworkable without the scientists in the corporations which implement it.
Impossible if you keep peddling the myth that freedom comes without a material cost.
That a socialist society will still have Coke and Mortgages, not merely Bread and Roses.
The fact is that Trump and the Brexiteers are closet anarchists.
And since anarchism is the most efficient form of totalitarianism it is not cool, and not clever. It is merely a descent into tribalism and conflict.
‘Entropy: The tendency of a system that is left to itself to descend into chaos.’
Come back Society – All Is Forgiven.

Brexit Idiocracy Notes

Hammond’s U-Turn and Manifesto Betrayal
The last Manifesto is now about as relevant as those presented to the electorate of Pompeii.
As the Chancellor admits, we now have to bunker down and prepare for the worst.
Which leads to the conclusion that the Brexiteers had absolutely no plan, and the strong implication that they are ideologically incapable of planning.
Just a bunch of Chancers and Cowboys, in other words.

‘The People Have Spoken.

Is the security blanket that preserves the Brexiteer’s threadbare identity.
But Magic, prayers and slogans do not help to completely re-organise Britain’s trading relationships on the hoof.
Handy for wrapping round your eyes to play this mad game of Blind Man’s Bluff.
But even more useful for falling down the stairs and breaking your neck.

Chaos Britain 1

Paul Mason claims in the Guardian that~:

Even if he hasn’t won, Corbyn has publicly destroyed the logic of neoliberalism..

In a way. But he hasn’t uninvented or discredited the free market itself.

The reason New Labour worked was because it appealed to the newly propertied Right To Buy classes.
Now that the housing orgy is over, huge numbers of people, especially young people, have nothing. And Blairism no longer makes sense to them.
The trouble is that the Property Fetish still infects British culture, and if cheap housing ever arrives on the market again, the same shackles will drag people back to the old conservatism.
So if Nu-Age Labour is to fulfil its promises, it must first commit to providing homes for rent, not sale, and encourage the regeneration of real communities, not just cheap dormitories for worker bees.

The Tory party is now on the brink of disintegration over ‘Brexit’. But Labour has no room for complacency. If some get their way, there will be a de-selection war which will tear Labour apart, again. With disloyal and heretical MP’s ousted by local party memberships.
The sound of knives being sharpened is not very good for public relations. Corbyn seems to realise this and is calling for unity.
This would almost certainly put him in conflict with his more bloodthirsty fans.
In which case they would have to be sanctioned in some way.
Shades of Robespierre?

Why did May ever mention the DUP?
Just make a speech ‘trusting the British Parliament to approve the Queen’s Speech’ and let the unionists do what they always do, and vote with the tories.
The DUP wouldn’t even realise they were in a pact. And May would be off the hook – temporarily.

Election Post Mortem 1

Whoever tries to form a government now will outrage half the people.
And whatever kind of Brexit they try to negotiate will only polarise opinion further.
Labour’s best bet might seem to be to let May cause even more chaos and cash in at the inevitable forthcoming election.
But that also might be best bet for the tories. Let Labour form a minority government and trust it fails, which wouldn’t be a long shot.
Either way, May is toast and the Brexit bubble has burst. Negotiations may start or they may not.
Which is worrying given the Klan mentality of extreme Brexiteers, who go on a Hate-Spree when they get their way. When they are confronted with reality they will go ape-shit.

And a vote of thanks to the BBC, and John Humphrys in particular, for eliminating the Chancellor from the campaign in the 1st week.
After being told in extremely non-journalistic terms that his policies had drastically reduced living standards, he was never seen again.
I for one am not complaining about that explicit ‘breach of standards’.
It is Humphrys job to voice the opinions people hold. And it worked exceptionally well in this case.
If the Shadow Chancellor had been subjected to the same presentation of opinion as fact, the Corbynite whingers would be up in arms.

In the Beginning was the Meme.
And the Meme was with Corbyn.
And the Meme was Corbyn.

Corbyn may well have ‘re-written’ the rules of British politics, with his return to the socialist soap box. The trouble is that teeny-prop outlets like The Canary also ‘re-wrote’ the rules by adopting the same perversions of Truth as the gutter tabloids, their main weapon being the so-called ‘Meme’, or cyber-myth.
‘The BBC & The Guardian are Anti-Corbyn’ is what they call a ‘meme’. An unverified assertion which is TRUE! ‘cos it IS!. In other words, baseless gossip, ‘urban myths’ or just plain lies.
Very useful for preventing people from being exposed to alternative opinions and perspectives from the most balanced outlets available.
Great at consolidating orthodoxy and preventing thought.
Extremely toxic.
The fact is that The Guardian’s election coverage would pass the Leveson test. As of course would the BBC.  But The Canary and Occupy would certainly be fined heavily. They exploit the lack of internet regulation as cynically as Murdoch and Dacre exploit the lack of press regulations. And Truth is the victim.

The BBC interviewed some student yesterday who was wetting his pants at how ‘nobody’ reads papers or watches TV anymore, and get all their political information from ‘memes’, and how they were free of all that worrisome context and ambiguity, with no room for interpretation.
John Berger and George Orwell are turning in their graves.

‘Labour can unite the country’
Only if it can change the minds of the hardline Brexiteers.

Stage 1. Catch your rabbit.

Election Day Minus 1

Saxon Autos

Whoever wins tomorrow, this will surely be the most divisive British election since 1979, with each side hardening their positions if they lose or win. In a country already torn apart by the EU Referendum. And everyone blaming the BBC, which has been outrageously slandered and denigrated by the unregulated press and social media, with their usual sub-BBC standards of journalism, and their contempt for Truth, which has been seriously damaged by this campaign.
I don’t see many people waving welcome signs, or offers of reconciliation.
I do see a lot of people reacting out of fear, ignorance, disinformation (lies) or sheer perversity.
And when the Brexit bubble bursts, Brexiteers will react predictably. With hate.
They reacted with a wave of hate when they won. So there is no chance of them behaving any better when the dream goes sour and they feel betrayed by everyone in the universe.
Should Labour win with a working majority, the backlash from Brexit voters and the unregulated billionaire media will be unprecedented.
Should the tories win, but Labour retains roughly the same number of seats, Corbyn will stay as Leader and his devoted followers will follow on. And it will be largely the fault of his more fanatical followers, who have followed the example of the Murdoch and Dacre media in lie-mongering and mudslinging, and been a genuine deterrent to those who get their information through social media. As opposed to the measly 8-11%% of audience figures covered by TV news.
The tories are too geriatric a party to change ideas, and Corbyn is just too old to. A slightly more mentally agile Corbyn would have seen the opportunity 18 months ago for an alliance with the SNP in the Commons to make life hell for the government and its austerity programme. He would have realised that the Information Age has made the current party boundaries as obsolete as the steam engine which created them. And remembered that the Labour Party itself was originally a ‘Progressive Alliance’ of different parties.

If he is to nurture the hope he has come to represent, and form the broad progressive alliance needed to gain power, Corbyn has to radically change a decrepit British political culture in four years.

Irregardless of Corbyn’s many failings, the prospect of another 5 years of tory barbarism and bungling is obviously too much for any informed voter to stomach.
The problem with Corbyn’s quaint brand of ‘socialism in one country’ is that it requires significant sacrifices from the People to make it work. And there is no sign of the Dunkirk Spirit, especially from those who glorify it most.
A fair, equal, decent society simply cannot be run on the bear-pit principles of modern Consumerism. Constant conflict and constant consumption only makes us and the planet sick, as the plague of ‘Terrorism’ demonstrates. It is not a permanent theme park with all rides free but a battle to restore genuine communities to society, which nurture common interests and tolerant, open exchange of ideas and conventions.
The kind of communities which existed before the Right to Buy drove a wedge between people and stole their spare time – which used to be the lifeblood of community initiatives.
The kind of communities which existed before mountains of debt shackled people’s minds and robbed young people of any positive sense of Identity other than as a cash-cow for the banks.
And all this will require a distinct fall in average living standards, as measured now.
To use the word in its most illustrious sense, progress will need more ‘Austerity’, not less.
No Labour politician has yet had the courage to break this news.
Maybe next time.
As for now. 52% voted for a complete leap backwards into the dark last July, so why shouldn’t a majority vote for a leap forwards by electing Corbyn?
Weirder things keep happening. Why not another?
The opinion polls are predicting a tory victory. In the past, when the polls have wrongly underestimated tory turnout, the major factor was often identified as so-called ‘Shy Tories’ – ashamed of declaring their intentions.
No poll that I know of is currently ‘factoring-in’ the possibility of a Labour equivalent, which is surely a mistake given the often feverish public face of Labour presented by rogue media outlets like Canary and Occupy. Which is enough to shame some traditional Labour voters into silence, if not deter them completely.

Fake Election Day 3

Today’s Labour event was craftily timed, at least.
It was spun out to avoid the question on immigration which would have inevitably followed the commitment by Corbyn not to ‘tear up’ Human Rights conventions, including (presumably) the freedom of movement.

And Corbyn hit the right ‘back to basics’ note the party needed, in his best kindly uncle style.
But he’ll soon wear out this ‘reaching out to everyone’ line in the country if he uses it as an answer to every question, like a string-pull talking puppet.
Barracking the media by the fanclub won’t go down well either.


Brexiteers still talk as if the democracy began with the Referendum, and must end with it. We knew this all along.
Democracy, the Law, journalism. What’s next in their gun-sights?


Corbyn’s policies are certainly the nearest thing Labour has come to socialism for a long time, and have to be generally supported, except for the obvious idiocies:
1. his absurd, reactionary, spineless, hypocritical, blood-soaked excuse for ‘foreign policy’. Which would happily have seen Kuwait as part of Iraq, and watched while Ghadaffi destroyed Benghazi and Libya became North Korea on the Mediterranean.
2. his parochial hostility to essential political alliances in a time of crisis.And
3. His cowardly equivocation over Brexit.
The mentality of many of his disciples is his biggest electoral problem. His naive faith in the antiquated doctrine of ‘socialism in one country’ is his greatest practical problem.

Fake Election Day 2

Now, much too late, the calls are going out for a ‘Progressive Alliance’ to win the snap election, or at least limit the damage.
There was a chance for this early last year. Ideally late 2015. But Corbyn blew it playing Mother Teresa to Daesh. With the help of the SNP and Greens in the Commons, Labour could have had the Tories on the rack throughout 2015/16, and with the further help of European progressive parties would have won the fatal referendum. As the biggest progressive party in Europe, it was Labour’s clear duty to lead such a movement, and it failed miserably under Corbyn’s leadership.
All too late

I learned today from Desert Island disks that Corbyn and Sturgeon have not even met.
A ‘good Marxist’ would have identified and secured alliances from useful co-progressives. By now Corbyn should have visited half a dozen european countries to create a critical-mass of ‘political consciousness’ which, as every ‘good Marxist’ knows, is essential to any revolution.

The truth is more that Corbyn chose the wrong battlefields from the start, and decided to make enemies rather than friends. The ‘constructive critique’, which was aired even before the General Election, was an alliance of the progressive forces gathering support across europe to fight the myth of ‘austerity’. Instead of seizing this opportunity to prove the general appeal of his politics, he gave way to pressure from his 6th-form agit-prop society, and defined himself by his parochialism, semi-mystical faith, and lack of vision.

And neither does he display any sense of the need for a wider alliance of progressive parties. On the whole, village-green pacifist Fabianism just about sums him up.
He isn’t too radical, he is not radical enough. Replacing NU-Labour with Nu-Age Labour is not progress.


Naturally the bizarre campaign continues against the BBC by the ‘Corbynites’ who in fact need it most.
The BBC is not to blame for Corbyn’s isolationism and poverty of imagination. He is. But that will not prevent the Pussyfoot Left from launching a campaign of hate and lies against the BBC in solid alliance with Rupert Murdoch and the rest of the unregulated, foreign-owned, tax-avoiding billionaire gutter sheets.

Meanwhile, predictably enough, Brexiteers are squealing about having to endure an election. ‘There’s far too much politics!’ is the latest rallying cry.
They obviously thought June was the last time they would be asked to make up their minds about anything. That all that bothersome voting was now over and the businessmen could be allowed to get on with running their lives for them.
I don’t expect them to play much of a role in future elections. Their reactions now show that the end of democracy was what they wanted all along.

The Daily Mail has branded anyone who asks questions about Brexit as ‘Saboteurs’.
In an age when most words mean their opposite, what else is to be expected?
This election is a Brexit Loyalty Oath, as used by fascists throughout history. As even the most moderate commentators have noticed.
‘I try to avoid glib use of F word. But ‘Crush the saboteurs’ is the language of fascism. The Mail has form.’ Michael White.